Art to tide you over :)

June 6, 2011

Ran out of spoons, will be back soon.

In the meantime, my lovely fellow wenches SgL and C. S. Kay were at Animazement recently (along with their characters), and I was sent adorable sketches of Intan and Eguzki by SgL! :3 (Click for full size/apologies for the photo quality)


Also, EK over at tales of the activated is almost done serializing her first story arc! Keep an eye out for the conclusion of Activated!

2 Responses to “Art to tide you over :)”

  1. EK said

    Which leaves me panicking, the second arc is not cooperating with me and is far from ready! (sob, sob some more) But thank you so much for the plug, I hope you’ve been liking.

  2. […] Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – chapter 11 part B where Max and his servant muse about potential rivals in love Suzy’s Box – July 25 where Suzy still has problems making new friends Memory of AUSOS – is showing some of SgL’s art doodles for the series […]

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