The Kingdom of Nahwan(click to enlarge)

Red dots indicate major towns or cities. The diamond is the capital. There are plenty of villages and abandoned fortresses scattered around as well, which are not depicted. Smaller streams/ponds are also not depicted.

Academy location is unmarked, but it’s on the southern shore of the central lake.

X marks the spot.

And the map is, of course, subject to change as I figure out things and stop failing at geography… (current version uploaded 12/09/2010)

The Royal Military Academy

School Uniform(click to enlarge)

The Academy is divided into five sections: three piloting divisions (Azalea, Hibiscus, Wisteria), one engineering division (Bamboo), and one medic division (Lotus). Students are further grouped into Years 1-3, as indicated by the “suns” on their uniform sleeve.


The kingdom of Nahwan employs two calendars, one solar and one lunar. The solar calendar is used for official timekeeping; however, some of the old holidays and festivals are still celebrated on their lunar calendar dates.

As of Season One, it is currently Year 22 of the Reign of Enduring Militancy.

Prior to this, the Reign of the Everlasting lasted a mere five years.

Going further back, the Reign of Highest Blessing lasted thirty-six years.

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