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Intan Aghavni Eguzki Kaneshiro Hadil Wong


Our Heroine


Some Dude


Mechanic Chick

A first year cadet in the Wisteria division. Not exactly a model student. (dreamself) Some dude with anger issues. (dreamself) The requisite perky mechanic chick. (dreamself)
Jinwei Rusli Tuyet Dugu Kikue Sunagawa
Rusli Tuyet Kikue
A kind and popular third year in the Azalea division. A third year in the Hibiscus division. Prefers to go by Tuyet. A bit of a motherly type, but not someone you want to cross. (v2) A first year Azalea. Intan’s rival. Her favorite color is pink.
Yusaku Wystan Marius Trieu ?????
Yusaku Marius
Third year Azalea. Rusli’s friend. First year Hibiscus. Keeps to himself despite or maybe because of his herd of secret admirers. :-O

Kasih Park: First year Lotus.

Gisela Liem: bespectacled second year Bamboo.


Beatrix Liow Tanith Singh ?????
Headmistress Liow Miss Singh
The Headmistress. One cool customer. The sultry Assistant Headmistress. :-O

Old Ming: Grumpy old flight instructor. On good terms with Tuyet.

Bianca Yi: Another flight instructor. Tuyet doesn’t seem to like her.


Irina Hsiung The King ?????
Brigadier General Hsiung The King
Brigadier General. A decorated veteran of the previous war, during which she was known as the “Crimson Bear.” A pretty useless fellow. :-O

Zeke: White-haired guy who has some sort of connection with Tuyet.

Captain Filipe Mok: a Mafia Wars boss Some guy who is apparently important.

Gushiken: Some guy who is apparently even more important.

“Mr. Fox-face”, “Mr. Beard”, “Lady Goldenhair”: Don’t you hate it when the writer deliberately withholds actual names from you?

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