Episode Five delayed to Feb. 2nd, other updates

January 18, 2011

The second half of Episode Four will be posted in a few hours as usual, but there will be no update next week (1/26). Updates will resume on February 2nd.

I hate to do this when I’m only two months in, but January has been a little stressful for me thus far, and the next two weeks promise to be even more so. I’m technically still a good way ahead of my updates and have enough buffer to last me a few weeks, but I’d like a chance to polish the next few updates and build up some more buffer… so I’ll be taking the last week of January off for a quick breather, though I’ll still be around to respond to questions/comments and possibly adding random tidbits to the site. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

In the meantime, you may have noticed that yet another new Wench has begun updating over at tales of the activated. The Activated series is secondary world fantasy with a really cool premise/”magic” system — it’s neither traditional epic fantasy nor urban fantasy. I recommend checking it out!

Another thing to keep an eye on is the Creative Wenches HQ — towards the end of the month we’ll be posting special interviews of each other there. I’ll make another post here with links when my interviews (as both interviewer and interviewee) are up. (Pssst: If there’s anything you want to ask C. S. Kay, the creator behind Suzy’s Box, now is the time to let me know. :3)

And just a minor heads up, but in case you haven’t noticed yet, the Season 1 episode guide has been updated with tentative episode titles up to Ep. 13. The character page has also been updated with a few brief new entries. Text only for now, though I may at some point link to silly dollmaker images I’ve been toying around with. XD

2 Responses to “Episode Five delayed to Feb. 2nd, other updates”

  1. EK said

    A part of me is happy that people seem to like the story, but another part is worried (really? people like it? yay?). Thank you.

    dreamself.me is a pretty good dollmaker place. It’s the dream-avatar maker for TinierMe, and TinierMe has a good large range of clothes and options. Originally I used eLouai.com , but nowadays it seems like updating has stopped and the site works slow for me.

  2. EK said

    A part of me is happy people like it, but another part of me can’t believe that people like it (really? people like it? yay?). Thank you.

    http://dreamself.me is a good dollmaker, if you still need one. It’s the dream-avatar maker for TinierMe, which has a large catalog of clothes and accessories of many kinds.

    I used to use eLouai.com, but nowadays I find it’s a bit unwieldy and un-updated.

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