Announcements/Brief Hiatus

January 7, 2013

Eep. Some good news and some bad news.

Bad news is that I’m still recovering from the holidays. I meant to have an update by today, but obviously that hasn’t happened. I also considered doing another month-end double update like I did back in… was it October or November? But I’m not confident that I can get the entire episode where I want it by then. Sooo basically, no updates this month. đŸ˜¦ Sorry!

Good news: updates will be starting back up on February 3rd/4th. And from then on until the season ends, I’ll be posting on a weekly basis again (every Sunday/Monday) instead of twice a month as I’d been doing this past year. The first season should reach a conclusion by May, at which point I’m going to sit down and compile everything into an ebook/print copy.

After that, I may need to take some time off for planning before starting up the second season, but I’m definitely hoping to restart by September, if not before. I’ll keep you all updated when the time comes!

– – –

Now for some Wenchy news — it’s been a while, hasn’t it? đŸ˜›

EK recently finished Harmonics, the second major story arc of her Activated universe. Go read!!

And a certain Count is now taking questions from readers over at Tales of a Big Bad Wolf

Enjoy and hope y’all have had a good start to 2013!

4 Responses to “Announcements/Brief Hiatus”

  1. kktwain said

    I was actually just thinking that I’d like to buy a print version of AUSOS. I’ll be looking forward to the weekly updates!

  2. EK said

    HE IS? Le count?! (aiya I’m so behind reading both your stories, so sorry…..)

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