New short

June 17, 2011

Much to my frustration, summer travel plans are still very much up in the air; I’m trying to build up a buffer in the meantime, and will confirm update schedule for July/August as soon as possible (and hopefully keep to it this time).

In the meantime, here is a vignette that may or may not have anything to do with anything, featuring two characters we haven’t seen very much of yet. One hasn’t even been officially introduced in the main storyline (and possibly may not be until next year)…

Smoke Break

– – –

Oh! And before I forget, we’ve started posting our May collaboration over at Creative Wenches. It’s an odd round robin story with science fiction undertones…

It starts here: A Square Paradise

Premise/setup explanation here.

– – –

LAST EDIT because my memory is totally shot, but EK has started posting her new story (in the same universe as Activated), Harmonics!

Check it out HERE.


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