Week off/possible schedule adjustments

April 27, 2011

Taking this week off in order to preserve my sanity. If you’re annoyed with me after the past few weeks of really inconsistent updating times, I understand, and apologize. D:

In that light, I’m contemplating switching to a biweekly schedule for May. I’m not sure if people are checking in manually every week or following updates via email/feeds/some other method, though, and if you would rather still see weekly updates (albeit at inconsistent times, i.e. like most of this past month), or if you’d prefer less frequent but on-time updates. Or even if there’s a particular day of the week you prefer checking in on. Feel free to chime in or let me know! I’ll make a final decision post on Sunday.

By June I am hoping that life will have either settled down more and/or I’ll have built up enough of a buffer again to return to regular weekly updates. Hopefully both, but we’ll see. In the meantime, seriously, thank you all for bearing with me.


5 Responses to “Week off/possible schedule adjustments”

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  2. EK said

    Either way is fine. (I promise you that the only reason Activated comes out with regularity is that the story is complete.)

  3. sgl said

    I’d say put in a schedule where you won’t miss. If it’s biweekly, keep it obvious (like 1st and 3rd ___day).

    • That’s where I’m leaning to right now, though ideally I’d like to ease back into weekly updates asap. But since summer plans are completely up in the air right now, I suspect biweekly for the next 2-3 months will be safest.

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