Support Japan

March 14, 2011

You may have noticed that I decided to postpone the update further to the regular update schedule on Wednesday. This is in part due to the current situation in Japan. I’d like to share a few links:

Video combining song by Yoko Kanno and Takehiko Inoue’s sketch series, both uploaded in support of the many people still dealing with the aftermath: HERE (links to the original upload of the song w/ English translation of lyrics and to the sketch series located in desc.)

Official Twitter guide: HERE (hashtags, resources, retweet etiquette, etc.)

If you are on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth:

Both communities contain links to further resources.

Fellow wench EK also offers another way to contribute over at her post.

Last but not least, please do not spread rumors on Twitter or elsewhere, and PLEASE check sources before spreading information. I have not been impressed with the sensationalist U.S./Western news reporting the past few days; please try to keep things in perspective and keep the people who are truly in need right now in your thoughts and prayers. I believe what’s needed most right now is food/water/blankets due to the electricity shortage.


2 Responses to “Support Japan”

  1. EK said

    Thanks for the plug. ^^v

    I agree about the sensationalism of the news, both for Japan and Libya. It also scares me how easily they dropped the Libya coverage, when scary things are still happening there!

    • Yeah. I saw some coverage on Libya the first day, but when media started picking up on the nuclear reactor situation coverage of other things pretty much just disappeared. -_-

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