Update delayed

March 8, 2011

Heya. My sincere apologies, but I decided (at the last minute, I know D:) to try something a little different with this week’s update, so the second half of episode 7 will be up a little later this week, probably on Thursday/Friday, but if you’re lucky, late Wednesday night. The usual Wednesday schedule will resume next week with the first half of episode 8. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

ETA 3/11/11: For various unrelated reasons, I’ve decided to skip this week’s update altogether and resume posting next Wednesday at the usual time. Once more, I apologize, and hope you will hang in there with me.

– – –

To amuse you in the meantime (if you haven’t noticed yet), I ninjaed more entries onto the character page a few weeks ago, and most of the named characters now have accompanying dollmaker images.

Also, SgL of Tales of the Big Bad Wolf recently released a free fantasy short story in her universe: “Unicorns Walk Among Us”, available to read either on her site or in ebook format at Smashwords. As usual, there is pretty art to go with it.

And of course, our other two wenches continue to update at Suzy’s Box and Tales of the Activated!

2 Responses to “Update delayed”

  1. EK said

    The dreamself images are useful indeed, thanks! ^^v

  2. […] Suzy’s Box – July 11 Suzy TRIES to bake cookies Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 7 conclusion The end of Max’s exciting sad backstory Memory of AUSOS – will be added once the new chapter is ready […]

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