Updates for the Lunar New Year

February 4, 2011

Happy Bunny Year! >:B

A few updates:

1. Collective interviews are now up at Creative Wenches.

2. If ya didn’t catch it earlier, I posted some filler last week in lieu of the usual update.

3. I’m now tweeting @snakyscribbles! I’ll probably be tweeting not only updates but also random cool links I’ve come across while researching for my historical fantasy (or just random cool links in general), miscellaneous writing/publishing related stuff, as well as chatting to Suzy (from Suzy’s Box) @suzysjournal.

And a heads up:

Intan’s (solar calendar) birthday is coming up — she’s a Valentine’s baby! Time permitting, I’ll be posting something special in her honor on the 14th… :3 (If you’re curious, the next upcoming birthday is Kikue’s on April 15th.)


6 Responses to “Updates for the Lunar New Year”

  1. sgl said

    Hm. So Intan is an Aquarius? Or are you using a Chinese calendar with a year not revealed to us? 😮

  2. EK said

    Advanced happy birthday! The coming weeks will be busy for me so I just may forget. ^^;

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