S1| Ep4.5: Filler/Interlude

January 26, 2011

(A/N: Hey folks. Some surprise filler for you. 🙂 Note that my interview by the awesome SgL is also up now at Creative Wenches — “To Mecha is to Love”. Also, I’m now on Twitter as snakyscribbles!)

BeginTwo Dolls in the back of their formation crashed into each other. Tuyet winced, recognizing at a quick glance that it was no accident. First years… the Sunagawa girl and the girl from Wisteria, most likely. Her own junior, Marius, was quiet and kept to himself — a fact Tuyet had actually found somewhat frustrating, until now.

Then again, she’d had the impression that Sunagawa was a rather proper and well-behaved young miss, and Intan Aghavni was no troublemaker either, albeit aloof and occasionally quite odd… A sweet girl, really. It was really too bad the Headmistress hadn’t replaced the older Wisteria Dragons; the child could have certainly used the guidance. She didn’t seem to have any friends at all.

A voice crackled over the private line.

“Sir, should I stop them?” Rusli, responsible as ever. Tuyet rolled her eyes fondly.

“Won’t be necessary,” replied Old Ming, the head instructor of their current outing. “Let them be.”

Tuyet thought of reminding him that it was typhoon season before deciding on a different approach. “You do realize, sir, that at the rate they’re going, the damage expenses are only going to keep adding up?”

“Bah. When I say let them be, I mean let them be, girl.” But Tuyet knew she’d hit a sore spot, and sure enough, moments later Old Ming added, “Orders from above.”

That made her suspicious. Old Ming wasn’t one to hedge his answers, and despite all his complaining, he was loyal to the Headmistress. If the orders were from her, he would have said so from the start. If they weren’t… Well, it could mean any number of things.

But when Old Ming got into one of his moods, there was no use pushing him further.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine, Dugu,” said Bianca, the assistant instructor, then. Tuyet bristled. She’d almost forgotten the woman had come with them. “They were chosen for a reason, after all.”

Tuyet resisted the sudden urge to do a little accidental crashing herself. “Of course. I’m sure you’re right, Miss Yi. I’m probably just worrying too much.”

That the girls would be able to take care of themselves, she had no doubt. But the mission this time — harmless information gathering, nothing out of the ordinary, and yet Tuyet did not know that anything had been exactly ordinary ever since the death of that poor Bamboo student at the beginning of the year. Certainly nothing had been normal after the king’s crazy announcement. (What did the bastard think that would accomplish? Was he trying to instigate another war?)

She glanced back again. The girls were drifting farther and father away from the formation.

Perhaps it was all for the best.


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6 Responses to “S1| Ep4.5: Filler/Interlude”

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  2. EK said

    WHAT?! The teacher-types let them be?!

    And I did like the interview, thanks for doing it!

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  4. Kohikari said

    Was Sita Chang a Bamboo student then? I thought she was a pilot. *scratches head*

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