Happy Holidays, updates

December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

Does Christmas even exist in your universe?

Of course it does. Didn’t you say you’d let us have a Christmas party in episode nine?

Yes, but that’s not… I mean… Do you even know what Christmas is?

Nope! But I like parties!

I hope you realize episode nine is a few months away.

That’s okay. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fun stuff to do before then! Speaking of which, when do I get to pilot again?



… You’re still in trouble, remember?


Don’t give me that look.


Argh! Okay, fine. In less than a month my time. Happy now?

Yay! By the way, am I ever going to find out what that “Ausos” thing is supposed to be anyway? … Or is this one of those stories?

Um. *starts slithering away*

Not so fast. When are you going to give me a proper introduction?!

Never. 😈

Oh, hi Mr. Grumpyface!


Whoops, there he goes. Think we scared him off?

… Anyway. Care to give us a bit of an update, Intan?

Sure! Suzy’s launched over at her place — isn’t she adorable? I wonder what a Barbie is? Maybe Hadil can make some for us! (I should ask her to add bunny ears to my Doll… :3)

And the funny snake creature tells me that there is now a batch of weird upcoming episode titles over on the first season page. It also warned me about an upcoming storm… and angry squirrels?! Gosh, I hope I’m not getting into too much trouble!

The Hissy One would also like to point out that we’re now listed at Web Fiction Guide and Muses’s Success. How exciting! Please vote for us and/or leave ratings and reviews! (We’re also mirroring the story at FictionPress, if you’d prefer to follow us there.)

Last but not least, there is some information about our itchy school uniforms up now under the Extras page. And when I say itchy, I mean it! Who came up with those things anyway?


Oh well. Happy Holidays, everyone! We’ll be seeing one more update before the end of the year. Enjoy, and hope you all have a super-awesome start to 2011!


3 Responses to “Happy Holidays, updates”

  1. C. S. Kay said

    Oh man. This makes me miss roleplaying. XD

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