December 1, 2010

Aaaand… launched. 😀 Welcome aboard! The first installment may be read here. The next part will be posted in a week.

AUSOS is essentially a mecha story, but as you will see, it gears more toward the fantasy/soft SF end of the spectrum, and should be fairly accessible to those who aren’t normally fans of the genre. (I think I am almost more worried about pleasing the hardcore mecha fans!) It is not a romance, strictly speaking, but a huge portion of the cast consists of teenagers (i.e. do the math). And there is no magic. Strictly speaking.

Note also that although I do have a buffer and the updates are not exactly first drafts, I’m mostly posting as I write. As a result, I’m sure there will be typos/errors/continuity issues, which I will definitely appreciate being pointed out. I’m also open to criticisms about plot or characterization inconsistency and the like; however, to cover my ass, I would appreciate it if you don’t post actual story suggestions.

Meanwhile, feel free to subscribe for updates (feed/email options are available above and below respectively, and LiveJournal syndication is available at ausos_feed if you are so inclined) — I may upload extra goodies between main story installations… 😉 For example, there is now a third piece of art up over on the character page, and a bonus image up under “Extras”.

And if you’ve not yet checked out fellow Wench S. Lee’s illustrated web serial, Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (see link under Affiliates), what are you waiting for? There are already four installments available for you to read!


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